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Here at Phoenix, our seasoned senior management team is made up of highly experienced and world-leading experts. Assembled by founder and CEO Guv Shergill and benefiting from decades of priceless experience gained across a multitude of related industries, this team has molded Phoenix into the globally recognised and respected private security and training company we are today.

With expert knowledge in a broad spectrum of security-related professions and disciplines – from VIP close protection services to executive chauffeuring and close protection training – our senior management team go above and beyond to ensure Phoenix not only meets industry benchmarks, but actually redefines and sets new high standards in the private security industry.

Each service we offer is shaped, overseen and driven by its own management expert, guaranteeing our levels of performance, training and quality are always of the highest standard possible. From our team of Phoenix close protection officers managed by Head of Close Protection Mitchell Atkinson to our expert Phoenix security training instructors, including industry specialists Mark Ashman and Brian Sanders, the entire Phoenix team is fully committed to delivering an unrivalled service.

When it comes to VIP close protection services and the security training industry, Phoenix understands that management expertise is paramount. Each of our clients and training delegates are unique and therefore our professional services must be tailored to perfection in order for us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our highly experienced senior management team ensures this happens, keeping Phoenix at the vanguard of our industry.

Adam Thacker

Strength & Conditions

Gubs Shergill

Managing Director

Brian Sanders

Close Protection Driving Instructor

Guv Shergill

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Moses Joseph


Mark Ashman

Lead Instructor – Door Supervision Courses

Mike Preston

Head of Operations

Mitchell Atkinson

Head of Close Protection

Bill Croft

Quality & Compliance

Raj  Sira

Development Manager

Rebecca Hughes

Operations Consultant

Tom Russell

Head of Strategy & Development

Matt Dennis

Specialist Training Consultant

Jignesh Chauhan

Head of Marketing

Taf Beckles

Operations Consultant

Tess Cooper

Specialist Training Consultant

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