Close Protection Training

World leading training by a World leading operational company

At Phoenix, we are committed to setting new high standards in the Private Security Industry and we believe this starts with the quality of training we provide.

With this at the very forefront of everything we do, we have strived to create the most realistic and professional close protection training experience found on the market today. Comprising 11 internationally recognised qualifications and covering everything from unarmed combat and evasive driving to live firearm training and advanced covert surveillance techniques, our Close Protection Course goes above and beyond the industry standard to prepare you for anything the job might throw at you.

Each aspect of our training features practical teaching – including realistic live operations – as well as theory-based classes, to keep you fully engaged and to get you acclimatised to the fast-paced reality of life as a close protection officer. Taking place over 16 days, our SIA close protection courses will not only prepare you to completely understand and meet the expectations of all clientele under an array of different environments and scenarios, but will also ensure you stand out to potential private security employers and individual clients as an exceptional and elite close protection officer. 



We have created the most realistic training experience that goes above and beyond the industry standard, one that prepares you to understand the expectations for all clientele under different environments and scenarios.

As the market leader and as a world class operational company, the Phoenix Close Protection course gives you knowledge, training and experience first-hand from our continually operational trainers.

This course is the difference between achieving a qualification and pursuing a successful career. This is why Phoenix operatives can expect to earn an average of £300 per day.

We pose the question, which clientele would you like to work for and which lifestyle do you want to lead?


why are we the leaders?

11 internationally recognised

The Phoenix 16 day Close Protection package, delivers unbeatable experience, resources and environments.

Our course goes beyond theory and practical role play in controlled environments, here you will experience real live operations conducted in the public domain.
Whilst  you will achieve your Level 3 in Close Protection, with Phoenix you will walk away with a total of 11 internationally recognised qualifications.

11 Industry Recognised Qualifications

  • SIA Approved Level 3 Close Protection (Certified)
  • Industry leading instructors with world class operational experience.
  • Four live close protection operations conducted in the public domain with real clients.
  • Firearms (certified), the only course delivered within the UK.
  • Evasive and Advanced Driving (certified).
  • Unarmed Combat (certified) with world champion instructors.
  • Advanced Covert Surveillance (certified), including live operations.
  • Counter and Anti-surveillance (certified), including live operations.

11 Industry Recognised Qualifications

  • Advanced Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (certified)
  • Advanced Private Investigation (certified)
  • Level 3 First Aid Response (certified).
  • Paediatric First Aid (certified)
  • Defibrillator Training (certified)

  • Employment opportunities with Phoenix, a world leading operational company with an unparalleled portfolio of global clients. We only recruit Phoenix trained delegates.
  • Increased credibility to gain employment prospects within the close protection industry.
  • Includes 15 nights’ accommodation with Ramada Hotel, single occupancy, complimentary breakfast and free parking.


what experience do i require?

We support
each candidate
to build on their
existing talent
and experience

We believe in supporting each candidate to build on their existing talent, experience and abilities to make the best they can be.

Here at Phoenix, we do not require our delegates to have any specific type of professional experience. Using our own experience, we will ensure that our customers gain the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Close Protection Operative.


If you perform to the Phoenix standard you will be offered employment by our Operational Management team, who are continuously recruiting for new requirements and projects, giving you the opportunity to join the elite workforce of being a Phoenix Close Protection Operative. You could be working with one of our exclusive clients shown in our portfolio.


Advanced & Evasive Driving

The industry’s
leading Close
Driving Course

You will undertake:

  • J-Turns/Y-Turns/Skidpan Drills
  • Pit Manoeuvre/ Ramming Drills
  • Fast Hands/Close Proximity Drills
  • Anti Ambush/Extraction Drills

On our course you will gain real experience in managing and manoeuvring your vehicle in high speed pursuit and potentially hostile situations.
Our airfields are equipped with incomparable resources and even include drills that are not covered in most police and military training.


Firearms (Certified)

Live firearms training conducted
in the UK

You will undertake:

  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Detailed weapons brief
  • Safety handling drills
  • Action drills and reload.
  • Shooting from various positions and cover
  • Accurate and effective targeting.

Regardless of your background our course will give you the opportunity to improve and demonstrate firearms competency.


Unarmed Combat (Certified)

Unarmed combat training delivered by World Champions

Our course includes:

  • Conflict Management
  • Physical Intervention
  • Close Quarter Combat including weapons
  • Body Cover & Situation Awareness.
  • Ground Defence & Counter Attack
  • Multiple Attack Scenarios

The training is conducted in a state of the art purpose built martial arts gym, taught by our vast experienced team including 2 x and a 4 x World Champion in various disciplines.


Level 3 first aid response

First aid training beyond the industry standard

Although the industry standard requirement is to achieve the minimum ‘First Aid at Work’, we don’t believe that the basic standard is enough to treat your principal should a medical emergency arise.

Therefore all Phoenix Close Protection operatives are trained to the standard of Level 3 First Aid Response which will be delivered by our team of highly experienced medical trainers.


luxury accommodation

Our course includes accommodation

Accommodation includes:

  • 15 nights accommodation
  • Single occupancy En-Suite Room
  • Complimentary Buffet Breakfast
  • Complimentary Parking



Marc Wicks

Ex-Regimental Sergeant Major – 32 years Royal Marines – MBE

Glen Clayton

Sergeant Major – British Military, Parachute Regiment.

Danielle Smith

Signals Intelligence Analyst – 13 years British Military