SIA Door Supervisor Training

The most exclusive door supervision training on the market

As door supervisors have gained popularity with the establishment of the SIA Door Supervisor Licence, their responsibility has increased. There are now thousands of potential job prospects for people with the necessary security and door supervisor training, which are available in everything from bars, high end events and restaurants to construction sites and office buildings. You could be earning money within the security industry quickly and efficiently by completing our highly reputable SIA door supervisor training course.

SIA door supervisor training doesn’t get any better than what we offer at Phoenix. We provide high quality training beyond the level of the standard SIA to make sure you are completely prepared for a career in the security industry.

The delegates of our SIA approved Door Supervisor Courses will receive first-hand knowledge from teachers who operate in the profession.  The SIA Security Training Course, which occurs over four days and contains four different modules, includes all you need to gain an SIA door supervisor licence and be prepared to succeed in a variety of realistic situations as a door supervisor. To cover all the topics in these modules, which include behavioural standards, search procedures, powers of arrest, recording incidents and crime scene preservation, conflict management and physical intervention, the training here offers classroom instruction and role play for the most effective and practical training.

Our course also fulfils the new SIA requirements from April 2021 to ensure you can obtain your SIA door supervisor licence and meet all regulatory body requirements. We offer training and door supervision courses in major cities across the UK. Find out more about our services and training for your specific area below.

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