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At Phoenix, we take pride in the fact that we’re the only close protection training provider that offers live firearm training here in the UK. We begin with the basic principles of marksmanship and detailed weapons briefs. After this, you’ll progress to immersive drills, teaching you to shoot from various positions and how to target effectively. Our live firearm training goes above and beyond to ensure you are prepared for any armed scenario you may face as a Close Protection Officer (CPO).

Firearms training is a crucial skill for any expertly-trained CPO. Our industry-renowned firearms training will not only prepare you for a variety of environments and scenarios, but it will also ensure you stand out to potential employers. Firearms training is a skill that’s in high demand with both private security firms and individual clients. Stand out as an exceptionally well-trained elite CPO with the help of our firearms course.

In the close protection services industry, clients demand the best. While it’s essential to train in areas such as basic first aid, advanced driving and unarmed combat, one area that is often neglected by UK-based close protection courses is live firearm training. By building on your expertise with this highly desirable skill, you’re sure to increase the opportunities available to you — particularly if you wish to work abroad.

Taught by industry-leading experts, our firearms training is completely UK-based and can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as part of our comprehensive close protection training course.

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Regardless of your background, our firearms course will give you the opportunity to become competent and confident when handling a weapon.

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