Unarmed Combat Training

Be trained, be prepared

Here at Phoenix, our combination of industry expert instructors and superb operational experience on a global stage
makes our security courses some of the best and most exclusive training experiences on the market today.
Our Unarmed Combat Training Course is no exception. 

We understand that the need for hand-to-hand unarmed combat is rare during most close protection assignments.
However, the ability to protect both your client and yourself in a professional manner is vital should an environment
turn hostile 
or a physical altercation occur. With this in mind, we ensure our training is focused and specialised
and provides our delegates with the skills they need so they’re prepared for every eventuality.

Created to fully ready you to manage any volatile situation while operating as a close protection officer,
our Unarmed Combat Training is provided as a stand-alone course or as part of our larger,
more comprehensive close protection training course.

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Industry Leading Unarmed Combat Training
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