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As a well-respected and revered independent private security and training company with operations across the globe, Phoenix are renowned for not only meeting accepted standards, but for going above and beyond to set new industry benchmarks in both performance and quality. Our outstanding door supervisor services are certainly no exception.

At Phoenix, we understand the important role a door supervisor can play in terms of the specific brand identity, reputation and credibility of each venue they work at. Our friendly, approachable and highly trained door supervisors therefore not only protect the safety of your customers and the security of your premises, but also the reputation and credibility of your business and brand. We ensure all of our vetted security professionals are highly experienced and SIA approved door supervisor security specialists before assigning them to a job, whatever the type of venue. From nightclubs, event venues and pubs to members’ clubs, restaurants and galleries, each of our seasoned security professionals are expertly trained for any scenario.

We appreciate that when it comes to door supervision, each client has their own unique set of requirements and with this in mind we always tailor each of our SIA door supervisor security services to perfection, guaranteeing we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

levels above the industry standard

The stigma around the security industry has lead to the credibility of those working in the private security industry to be questioned.
Here at Phoenix, we understand the reputation attached to security staff and we strive to ensure that this misconception is abolished.

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Our training ensures that upon completion, we produce fully trained professional who will deliver a quality service.

Whatever the type of venue, whether it be a nightclub, pub or restaurant, your expected standard of service will not only be met, but exceeded through using our staff. The personnel that Phoenix provide will understand and apply your company philosophy, paired with the Phoenix vision, endeavouring to represent your company to the same level as our own.