Since the introduction of the SIA Door Supervisor Licence in 2009, the role of door supervisors has developed in parallel with the scope of their work. Those who have completed the required security training now have access to large numbers of new job opportunities, ranging from licenced venues to construction sites and office buildings.

We have created the most exclusive and high-quality training experience available in the personal security industry today – one that not only gives you the necessary licence to work as a door supervisor, but also goes above and beyond the SIA standard to fully prepare you for a career in the security industry.

Delegates attending our approved SIA Door Supervisor Course can expect a world-class training experience delivered first-hand by instructors who are still working in the industry. Our SIA Security Training Course, which lasts six days and is divided into four modules, will teach you everything you need to know to become a fully qualified door supervisor. Behavioral standards, search procedures, arrest powers, crime scene documentation, conflict management, and physical intervention are among the topics covered in these modules.

We also ensure that our new course covers the new SIA first-aid requirements at no additional charge.

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Phoenix solely recruits from our training academy and this is your opportunity to demonstrate your own competence in order to obtain prospects and potential employment in the security industry.

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