With over four million CCTV cameras in operation across the UK, the day-to-day running of surveillance cameras has become a big industry in recent years, leading to thousands of employment opportunities. However, before you can apply for a job as a CCTV operator, you must first complete a CCTV training course and obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) CCTV Licence. 

Here at Phoenix, we provide a comprehensive three-day SIA CCTV licence training course, giving you the qualification you need to start – or further – your career in the Private Security Industry. Consisting of three individual training modules, our SIA CCTV training will teach you all of the essential skills needed to be a successful CCTV operator – from surveillance and monitoring techniques and risk identification to methods of tracking individuals and the ability to stick to specific codes of practice at all times.

Valid for three years, our SIA approved CCTV licence gives you the opportunity to earn up to £15 an hour as a licensed CCTV operator, and completion of our course comes with the promise of a guaranteed interview to become part of the Phoenix team, as you look to start your career in private security.

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