Evasive and Defensive Driver Training

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Industry Leading
Close Protection
Driving Course

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Welcome to the industry’s leading Close Protection Driving Course. As a large majority of attacks are undertaken during transit, it is critical to undertake this level of training.

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You will undertake;

  • J-Turns/Y-Turns/Skidpan Drills
  • Pit Manoeuvre/ Ramming Drills
  • Fast Hands/Close Proximity Drills
  • Anti Ambush/Extraction Drills
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

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On our course you will gain real experience in managing and manoeuvring your vehicle in high speed pursuit and potentially hostile situations. Our airfields are equipped with incomparable resources and even include drills that are not covered in most police and military training.

Industry Leading Advanced and Evasive Driving Training Course