Since the creation of the Security Industry Authority Security Guard Licence, the role of security guards has expanded in conjunction with the expansion of this line of employment. With the appropriate security training, there are now thousands of potential work opportunities available in many different settings, ranging from retail malls to construction sites and office buildings. This is where Phoenix enters the picture.

In the personal security industry today, we have created the most exclusive and high-quality training experience available – one that not only provides you with the necessary licence to work as a security guard but also one that goes above and beyond the SIA standard to fully prepare you for a career in the security industry.

A world-class training experience, presented first-hand by teachers who are presently employed in the private security industry, is offered to all delegates on our approved SIA Security Guard Course. Our SIA Security Training Course, which takes place over six days and is divided into four modules, provides you with all you need to know to become a fully qualified security guard. The subjects covered in these modules include behavioural standards, search procedures, arrest powers, recording occurrences, crime scene preservation, and conflict management, among others.

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Phoenix solely recruits from our training academy and this is your opportunity to demonstrate your own competence in order to obtain prospects and potential employment in the security industry.

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