Close Protection Security and Tour Management

World Leaders


We are honoured to lead the Close Protection and Tour Management industry worldwide. With our world-class global portfolio of clientele, you can rest assured that our close protection experience will cater for all your requirements.

Although primarily seeking Close protection services, here at Phoenix we can provide Bespoke Tour Management services. We offer services such as private aviation, luxury residence, and yacht chartering. Our team will create an unrivalled VIP security experience for each and every client, tailored specifically to their requirements.

Attention to detail

Each security operative we deploy has been trained by our World Leading Phoenix Academy, ensuring our standards are universal across all operational personnel. As a result, we guarantee a consistent, optimum level of service tailored to all of our clients.

Some of the skills that our operatives have ascertained are not openly taught in the military or police. As standard operational procedure, all security operatives are trained in advanced, evasive driving, firearms, unarmed combat and advanced first aid.

Phoenix are world leaders in the close protection industry, for the reason that we provide a service that extends far beyond just executive protection. We specialise in tailored bespoke packages, to ensure your safety, global transportation and residence run in synergy. The international affiliations and partnerships we have formed reassure you that wherever in the world we operate, we have resources to assist and protect you, while delivering an unrivalled service.

Exclusive Private Aviation

Luxury Yacht Chartering

Luxury Residence

Luxury and super cars

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