As a global leader in close protection, we are proud to offer close protection bodyguard services in London. We are experienced in working with world-class clients and we guarantee that our experts will ensure all your requirements are met. 

Our close protection operatives and bodyguards come from an array of backgrounds including senior ranking police and military, so providing protection in high-risk situations is something that our team is used to.

We understand and recognise that a close protection operation or bodyguard service is not, however, something that requires you to fit into our needs. Our team will adapt and improvise to ensure that we work in synergy with your own schedule and ensure your day is uninterrupted unless there is a genuine security threat that requires our attention as your safety will always be paramount to our service.

We can operate according to your needs, yet in line with our recommendations to protect you and your brand to the public whilst using either low or high-profile security. Each of our clients will have a specifically tailored service based upon the information you provide to us upon initial consultation with transparent and open communication which remains confidential, along with non-disclosure agreements completed by all our operatives to ensure your reassurance of privacy and integrity at all times.

Whilst every requirement we have is different there are several common instances of security that we cater for and often revolve around a direct threat that has been made. In this instance, we will assist in obtaining police involvement if you wish and collation of evidence and intelligence in order to bring forward a legal case should it be necessary.

We have provided close protection services to clients with a range of threats from online abuse, stalkers and death threats to suspicious packages at residence, verbal attacks, and protection of family members who may be deemed a kidnap threat to wealthy business people so if you require a bodyguard in London, Phoenix is here for you.

London VIP Close Protection

We have provided close protection services for some of the World’s most famous A-Listers to leading CEOs across the World. Whether you are a traveling business person or reside in the wealthy suburbs of London, including Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Hampstead, Richmond, Wimbledon, Regents Park, and St Johns Wood, we are able to provide security in your home, business, and travel.

We have a specialist and tailored approach to our close protection services in London and understand that whilst there is an active deterrent in CCTV and police presence, we must not get complacent as this is where you may be most vulnerable. As such, our team can provide round-the-clock protection and monitor for surveillance being done on you, your family, your home, or your transportation. We ensure that our advice can mitigate risk and always consult you with our recommendations for approval.

Bodyguard Services for Hire In London

Our operatives are all trained through the Phoenix Academy of Excellence over a 16-day specialist course and have familiarisation with London and the surrounding areas.

Understanding corporate etiquette is common practice for our team who are highly skilled in detecting threats and risks, whether these are direct or indirect, yet remain calm, reassuring but always alert.

Bodyguards can be provided for traveling business people and visitors to London and we can facilitate end-to-end planning from your arrival to departure. An expert will produce a full threat and risk assessment after consultation to ensure our recommendations can be provided to you for approval.

Close Protection Services Through the UK and Internationally

Whilst we have specialists in the London area, this is one area of service provision for Phoenix and we are able to cater locally, nationally, and internationally for all areas of our service including locations such as Dubai, Marbella, Monaco and Marbella.

Phoenix has a Global network of contact in all areas of our service provision to ensure we can cater to all requests and always endeavor to fulfill your requests for international travel if you are based in London and wish to travel.

We are fully committed to compliance with all Covid-19 requirements and Coronavirus is something our team mitigate for whilst also having specialist advice in Visa applications and optimum quality assurance on PCR testing, aviation and quarantine requirements to advise on the most effective, strategic, and optimum method of managing your itinerary.

Other Global Services

Exclusive Private Aviation

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your private aviation needs. From private planes to helicopters, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury Yacht Chartering

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your yacht chartering needs. From Marbella to Dubai, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury Residence

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your luxury residence needs. From villas in Dubai to a penthouse in New York, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury and Super Cars

We have an extensive range of high specification sports cars, including a selection of Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. Each vehicle we provide is maintained to it’s pristine, showroom condition to ensure that our customers receive the true luxury experience they desire.

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