Our executive chauffeur service in France accommodates your transport needs, providing hassle-free travel with a dedicated professional chauffeur. Allow us to take the wheel so you can concentrate on your trip. 

Whether you require travel to, within or out of France, Phoenix can provide a bespoke chauffeur service, tailored to your requirements. We understand that language skills are vital if you are not a fluent French speaker and our operatives can be selected based upon your own language requirements and preference.

If your journey is for personal or business needs we can accommodate accordingly. This includes provision of business essentials to the luxury service of a Champagne driven experience around the City of Love in a vehicle suited to the elegance of Paris. The difference between a taxi and a chauffeur service in France is Phoenix.

Professional Chauffeur Services in France

Phoenix understands the value of your time, and our chauffeurs in France realise that while you are undertaking your daily activities, they may assist you in other aspects of your journey. They remain flexible to perform other errands and duties to ensure their time is best spent for your advantage. This includes making use of Phoenix contacts to organise dining reservations, arranging parking and even collecting a gift wrapped fragrance from Guerlain for your partner. Providing the optimum in service before arriving at your location to take you to your destination.

We appreciate the importance of your privacy, and all of our drivers sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your affairs stay private. All of our chauffeurs in France are qualified close protection operatives, so they are security conscious and can assess for and minimise any dangers that may be present. This ensures that your chauffeur service in France is not only competent, but also safe. Our drivers are also happy to alternate into security functions and ensure your safety in unfamiliar territory and saves the complexity of separate services synergise.

Luxury Car Hire Service

A personal touch

Our VIP chauffeur service understands you demand a level of comfort and refinement when you travel both in and out of France and its beautiful cities such as Paris. Our chauffeurs understand common factors that may impact on your day and are prepared to ensure your health, happiness and productivity. All vehicles are equipped with chargers, preferred choice of drinks, a household socket adaptor and a 4G Wi-Fi connection. We also take the welfare of our clients seriously and all vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit.

Phoenix can present choices and appropriate vehicles that meet your preferences and requirements, whether you require a chauffeur service in France on ad hoc or full time basis.

What’s included in our France chauffeur service

We will ensure that we personalise your chauffeur service in France, in synergy with your choice of vehicle, whether for safety or travelling in style. Our chauffeurs are picked by hand to suit your requirements and Phoenix can arrange luxury vehicles and 9 vehicles to suit your trip demands.

To keep your cost proportionate to our expenses, Phoenix will price each individual assignment in line with the expense of the driver, vehicle and distance. Whether a theatre visit, a business conference, overseas travel or an airport transfer, we can provide the short or long-distance travelling requirements; our service is the opulence of quality.

We also offer chauffeur services in Dublin. Learn more about our chauffeur driven car hire.

Other Global Services

Exclusive Private Aviation

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your private aviation needs. From private planes to helicopters, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury Yacht Chartering

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your yacht chartering needs. From Marbella to Dubai, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury Residence

Phoenix offer a bespoke service in organising your luxury residence needs. From villas in Dubai to a penhoust in New York, we can organise your travel Worldwide to allow you time to focus on your own business and personal needs.

Luxury and Super Cars

We have an extensive range of high specification sports cars, including a selection of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Each vehicle we provide is maintained to it’s pristine, showroom condition to ensure that our customers receive the true luxury experience they desire.

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