Additional Components

Whilst our Level 3 Close Protection course is unrivalled within the industry with a comprehensive and unparalleled resources, real life experiences and utilisation of live environments, we do recognise the need for additional training to set you further ahead of your competition in the Close Protection industry.

As such, the majority of our delegates opt to further advance their skill set and undertake additional components uniquely designed by Phoenix, to allow you to reach the optimum, in the Phoenix standard. This consists of advanced and evasive driving, unarmbed combat and a plethora of first aid courses, all designed and combined in a bundled package inclusive of additional Phoenix certification upon completion.

This forms part of your own newly gained comprehensive portfolio so that your skillset is recognised by not just Phoenix, but other big players in the close protection industry, drastically increasing your employment prospects and entering at a superior level with your already valuable experience that other students do not even have even if they have undertaken paid work within the close protection industry.

Advanced and Evasive Driving (Certified)

Unarmed Combat (Certified)

Firearms (Certified)

First Aid Training

Accommodation Available

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