The Security Industry Authority (SIA) sets the standards for the security industry in the UK. To work in the security industry, individuals must possess an SIA badge and licence. Our SIA training company provides comprehensive training to help you achieve your SIA certification and become licenced. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on training and support to help you pass the SIA exam.

We understand the importance of obtaining an SIA badge and licence, and we strive to provide the best training experience possible. Our program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the security industry. With our comprehensive training program and experienced instructors, you can have confidence in your ability to pass the SIA exam and start your career in security.

Enroll in our SIA training program today and start your journey towards obtaining an SIA badge and licence. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

What is an SIA licence?

The SIA licence became a requirement in the early 2000s in order to raise standards of training through suitable qualifications and ensure checks on criminal records were done to ensure that operatives were fit and proper to work and represent the UK’s private security industry.

There are 2 types of SIA licence, also known as the SIA badge. These are the front-line (for operatives who deal with members of the public face to face) and non-frontline (for managers and directors of security companies). The SIA licence lasts for 3 years and is currently £190, which can be renewed each time (although sometimes additional training is required first).

Whether you are an employer or employee, holding an SIA licence is a legal requirement and it shows that you are a fit and proper person to run a company or have the SIA qualifications required to operate as an employee dealing with the safety of the public. A SIA licence is vital for any employer to put you into work. Operating without an SIA licence can lead to a £5,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment. The SIA badge is typically worn on the arm or belt and is usually required to be displayed to members of the public (unless working undercover).

SIA Recognised Door Supervisor Course Training

Different types of SIA licence

There are several licences for frontline operators in the following roles:

Security Guard licence: This would be suitable for operatives who wish to work in corporate roles such as commercial buildings, shopping centres and offices. It is also required for working on construction sites, which can be complemented with a CSCS card.

Door supervisor licence: If you are looking to work at pubs and clubs or any establishment which holds a premises licence, a door supervisor licence is required. This licence is also required for hotels where alcohol is served.

CCTV licence: The SIA CCTV licence is required for operatives who don’t necessarily come face to face with the public but are responsible for monitoring events or locations where cameras can record and be adjusted. Security guards who monitor static cameras may not require a CCTV licence however.

Close Protection licence: This is a requirement for bodyguards or close protection operatives who will provide protection to business people, families and celebrities. Whilst most licences are required to be displayed, close protection operatives (CPO’s), are not required to display their licence.

Available Training Courses

Phoenix offers training courses for door supervisors, security guards, CCTV operatives and close protection operatives. These all meet the SIA requirements but also as we are an operational company, we understand that it is vital to do more than hold a certificate and a licence. It is important for us to add value to all our customers to then stand out when going for an interview and understanding the reality of operating in the security industry, which is why all of our trainers are still active and operational and can give their own experiences rather than just theoretical knowledge.

How to get an SIA door supervisor licence

What is covered in SIA door supervisor training?

The door supervisor course ensures you are aware of your roles and responsibilities when working at licenced premises such as searching, arrest and confiscation of prohibited items. This ensures that when you are working you can perform these tasks safely and in accordance with the legal requirements.

How is the SIA door supervisor qualification assessed?

There are 4 x multiple choice exams which you must get 70%+ on each. There are also practical assessments for conflict management (dealing with disputes) and physical intervention (escorting trespassers off-site and defensive techniques to protect yourself and others).

SIA door supervisor qualification FAQs?

How many exams are there for the door supervisor course? – 4 multiple choice exams + practical assessment

What level is the door supervisor qualification? – Level 2

How much is the door supervisor course? – Prices start from £175

How many days is a door supervisor course? – 6 days + pre-course learning

Door Security Training

How to get an SIA security guard licence

What is covered in SIA security guard training?

You will be taught about the roles and responsibilities of a security guard along with duties that are expected of you. This will ensure that when working independently you can use your initiative to assess what and where there may be a need for security when protecting a property or dealing with crimes such as shoplifting.

How is the SIA security guard qualification assessed?

The main way this qualification is assessed is through 3 x multiple choice exams however there is also an assessment of the competence to use effective conflict management. This is skills on resolving issues such as disputes and complaints.

SIA security guard qualification FAQs?

How many exams are there for the security guard course? – 3 multiple choice exams

What level is the security guard qualification? – Level 2

How much is the security guard course? – Prices start from £175

How many days is a security guard course? – 3 days + pre-course learning

How to get an SIA close protection licence

What is covered in SIA close protection training?

The SIA close protection course requires practical demonstrations that you can plan, prepare and implement a close protection operation. The Phoenix Close Protection Course will give you the opportunity to undertake 4 x operations which fully prepare you to work in this function.

How is the SIA close protection qualification assessed?

This level 3 close protection course goes into much greater depth than the level 2 SIA qualifications as there is often nobody to monitor you working in a level 3 role and you are required to be much more independent. As such, the theory is taught but this is required to be brought into planning and preparing for operations as they would be in reality to fully prepare you to operate as a close protection operative in a range of situations.

SIA close protection qualification FAQs?

How many exams are there for the close protection course? – 3

multiple choice exams + 2 written exams

What level is the close protection qualification? – Level 3

How much is the close protection course? – Enquire to find out more details

How many days is a close protection course? – The full Phoenix Close Protection Course is 16 days

How to get an SIA CCTV licence

What is covered in SIA CCTV training?

The CCTV training teaches and allows you to practice using cameras to record and store copies of footage for incidents along with covering data protection and privacy related issues that operators may face on a daily basis which affect human rights.

How is the SIA CCTV qualification assessed?

You will have a practical assessment for recording and storing your recordings along with 2 multiple choice question papers. If you already have a valid SIA training for security guarding or door supervision from the last 3 years, you may be exempt from 1 of the exams.

SIA CCTV qualification FAQs?

How many exams are there for the CCTV course? – 2 multiple choice exams (1 for some existing licence holders) + a practical assessment

What level is the CCTV qualification? – Level 2

How much is the CCTV course? – Prices start from £195

How many days is a CCTV course? – 3 days + pre-course learning

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